Remote visual inspections and monitoring of oil and gas facilities, pumpjacks, batteries and other critical infrastructure

​Monitor your assets and operations efficiently, from anywhere

Osprey Reach is the most advanced online intelligent visual monitoring platform for remote distributed oil and gas assets.

With Osprey Reach, companies can increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve HSE compliance with automated leak and safety monitoring, as well as strengthen security and accountability through proactive activity detection and exception-based alerting at remote sites.

Osprey's remote inspection and monitoring solution can help you increase productivity.
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Increase productivity through virtual asset inspections, improve HSE compliance with proactive leak and safety monitoring

Cut routine site visits by 50%. Save on windshield time through remote inspection. Set personalized, proactive alerts for site activity.

Prevent leaks from becoming major problems through proactive monitoring with online inspections and alerts.

Verify invoices for hourly work against time on site. Ensure compliance with safety and damage/spill reporting.

Integrates with sensors, pumpjack drives, asset management systems and more for alarm validation and improved situational awareness.

Detect and respond proactively to suspicious activity thanks to accurate, personalized alerts. Improve post-incident analysis.


Get automated alerts for potential security events. Monitor workers for safety and compliance.

Remotely access live images and video of all your assets efficiently and conveniently

Osprey Reach enables you to manage and access all your sites remotely through a single application, whether using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Using Osprey Reach, organisations can efficiently and conveniently access live images and video of their assets, such as tanks, batteries, hazardous zones, wells and other critical infrastructure.

Osprey Reach makes it easy to schedule and conduct regular remote inspections of key assets. Remote inspections can be conducted online and offline, easily shared with stakeholders and audited. Validate tickets and remotely view assets when SCADA, H2S and other monitoring systems are alerting to ensure safety and reduce the amount of windshield time required to react.

Osprey Reach – a solution for the entire Enterprise


Monitor and alert on activity at remote unstaffed sites.

Proactive theft and vandalism prevention.


Reduce routine visits to remote sites.

Monitor health and status of critical infrastructure.

Save on travel time and labor costs.

Proactively prioritize maintenance and repair work.


Monitor and protect water assets from contamination and theft.

Monitor safety and compliance of lone workers.


Validate contractor billing against time stamped images.

Use historical video for reporting, audit trails and evidence.

Help with incidental investigations