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Client Success Story – Injection Well Leak Detection:

See how our client, using Osprey Reach, is immediately alerted when a leak is detected.

Cutting Routine Site Visits by 50% with Osprey Reach:

See how a customer cut routine well site visits, while enhancing operator productivity and improving incident response.

Proactive Security for Industrial Sites:

Learn about how Osprey Reach with computer vision-based alerts lead to arrests at unstaffed site.

Midstream customer remotely inspects hazardous zones with Osprey Reach:

Learn how this solution delivered critical operational benefits for the customer, including a one year ROI of 175%.

Remote work supervision enhances safety and accountability:

Read about how Osprey’s computer vision technology helped recover several thousand dollars in costs for an unreported spill at a truck loading site.

Osprey Reach an efficient way to remotely inspect sites:

Learn how our customer avoids costly helicopter trips during spring break-up.

Case Study: Injection Well Leak Detection

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