Cut costs and mitigate safety and environmental risks - Choose Osprey Reach for your operations.

Powered by AI and integrated with industrial sensors and systems,
Osprey Reach is the intelligent visual monitoring platform for the Industrial IoT.

Osprey Reach: Engineered for industrial operations.

Advanced computer vision and customizable alerts for actionable insight and exception-based management.

Extreme bandwidth-efficiency for deployment over managed cellular networks.​

Integration with industrial sensors and systems for alarm validation and enhanced situational awareness.​

Backed by Osprey’s comprehensive managed service, Osprey Reach is the trusted enterprise solution for remote and distributed industrial operations.

Improve operator productivity by 30%

Cut windshield time with remote asset inspections and proactive asset monitoring.

Manage facilities efficiently and safely

Ensure compliance and accountability with intelligent facility solutions.

Protect your people, assets and production

Monitor worker safety and fight theft and vandalism with proactive activity alerts.

The proven solution for enhanced productivity & risk mitigation

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Enhance worker safety

Enhance worker safety

Protect the environment

Protect the environment

Increase security

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